Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tribune Review 5/4/08

LIVID LEVDANSKY. Democrat state Rep. David Levdansky of Elizabeth is hopping mad.

Levdansky was determined to have no opposition on the ballot in the fall -- so much so that he made many phone calls to Republicans in his district urging them to write in his name in an attempt to capture both party nominations.

Didn't work out quite the way he planned.

Elizabeth Borough councilwoman Monica Douglas decided to wage her own write-in campaign for the nomination.

Levdansky got a grand total of 70 write-in votes. Douglas got more than 600. Looks like Mr. Levdansky has to sweat a Republican opponent in the fall after all.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The McKeesport Daily News

Douglas thinks she has enough votes to challenge Levdansky By ERIC SLAGLE Daily News Staff Writer eslagle@dailynewsemail.com In the 39th Legislative District, Republican write-in candidate Monica Douglas of Elizabeth said she thinks she has the 300 votes necessary to get on the ballot for November.If she does, Douglas would run against state Rep. David Levdansky, D-Forward Township, who was unopposed in his party’s primary Tuesday.Such a contest would be a rematch of the 2002 election, which Levdansky won.Douglas, who is Elizabeth council president, said by her unofficial count — initial state and county voting results don’t include the names of write-in candidates — she received 158 write-ins in South Park Township, 150 votes in Jefferson Hills, 42 votes in Elizabeth and 160 votes in Elizabeth Township.If accurate, that total of 510 write-ins should be enough to keep Levdansky, who also ran a write-in campaign on the Republican side, off the GOP side of the ballot.According to complete but unofficial returns from the Allegheny County Elections Division, 671 Republican write-in votes were cast in the 39th. Names of those write-in recipients will not be available until the returns are certified.According to the Washington County Election Bureau, 149 Republican write-in votes were cast.Levdansky received 9,187 votes from Allegheny County Democrats and 2,626 from Washington County Democrats.Douglas said the results were “not bad con­sidering this is a campaign that only got off the ground in the last seven to 10 days.” Douglas said she spent about $250 of her own money on the race and had great support from volunteers and supporters who donated time and in-kind services. She also received sup­port from the National Rifle Association, which sent out mailings on her behalf.Levdansky said Tuesday night he didn’t have an accurate count on how many Republican write-in votes he received but said it wouldn’t be a surprise if he lost against Douglas.“It’s kind of difficult to get a write-in when there is a candidate from that party running,” he said. “I’ve tried it before and I’ve never been successful at it.” Levdansky said he would look forward to “a spirited debate” with Douglas if she gets the nomination.Levdansky said Douglas’ claims that her campaign developed quickly and infor­mally are exaggerated.Douglas’ support from the NRA “clearly stems from my advocacy of the lost and stolen handgun legislation,” the 11­term incumbent said.Douglas said she plans to begin an aggressive fund-rais­ing campaign for November and will create a political action committee.Staff Writer Patrick Cloonan contributed to this story.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thank You !

We did it!!!Thanks to your support, we were able to achieve what some said was impossible. In a week's time, we were able to get the word out about my write-in campaign. On Primary Election Day, voters in the 39th Legislative District spoke up loud and clear that they want competition in the fall against the incumbent. I consider myself blessed to be surrounded by a network of people who are so determined to make a change in our region. It was through your efforts that our victory on Primary Election Day was possible. Thank you to all who helped out in any way...whether it was through door knocking, phone calls or working the polls. A special shout out to the members of Marty's Army who listened to the radio program on KDKA and were called into action and turned out to vote on Primary Election Day. And Marty...what can I say....you gave this "girl" a chance to be heard!Stay tuned to the Blog for more information on how you can become involved. Thanks again,Monica

Sunday, April 20, 2008

KDKA Radio Monday 10:15AM

Make sure to tune into talk radio 1020 KDKA on Monday 4/21 to listen to Monica Douglas for State Representative 39th district.

Friday, April 18, 2008

News Article

A repeat of a contest from six years ago is in the offing in the 39th Legislative District.State Rep. David Levdansky, D­Forward Township, and his 2002 fall opponent, Elizabeth council President Monica Douglas, launched write-in efforts to win the Republican nomination there.“This is really a citizens’ grassroots effort,” Douglas said Thursday. “I was recruited by a number of people. Drafted might be a better way of put­ting it.” Levdansky has no Democratic foe in Tuesday’s vote in Forward, Nottingham, South Park and Union townships, Clairton, Elizabeth, Jefferson Hills, New Eagle, Finleyville and parts of Carroll and Elizabeth townships.“I don’t have a Republican opponent and would welcome the Republican support for my re-elec­tion,” the 11-term incumbent said Thursday.Douglas has on Elizabeth council since 2004 and has been its presi­dent since 2006. She also represents Elizabeth on the Twin Rivers Council of Governments.“In order to secure a place on the ballot, I would need to garner at least 300 write-in votes on Tuesday from Republicans,” Douglas said.Douglas also serves as executive director of the Republican Committee of Allegheny County, working with committee chairman and former county executive Jim Roddey.“Monica is an extremely capable individual,” Roddey said. “She is a hard worker and has been very active in the Republican Party and in the community.” Mailings sent to Republicans in the district cited what Levdansky called his “effective representation” to everyone.He cited his “fair, balanced approach ... to solving problems, my work to address significant challenges such as property tax reform (and) the help my staff provides.” “Mr. Levdansky had the opportu­nity to vote on property tax reform and chose not to do it,” Douglas said. “Relief to seniors who meet a certain income threshold.” Douglas may have been referring to an amendment by state Rep. John Perzel, R-Philadelphia, to Levdansky’s own House Bill 1600.“My HB 1600 would raise about $1.5 billion (for property tax cuts) by increasing the sales tax from 6 to 6.5 percent (or 7 to 7.5 in Allegheny County) and increasing the state income tax from 3.07 to 3.29 per­cent,” Levdansky wrote in a January letter to the editor of The Daily News .Perzel’s amendment transferring up to $50 million from the lottery fund to a property tax relief fund was approved 159-36. Levdansky voted no.Douglas said seniors told her, “We get birthday cards and these seeds each year from Mr. Levdansky, but we would like to see some real help.” HB 1600 was recommitted to Levdansky’s House Finance Committee on Feb. 4.Gun control may be an issue as well. Levdansky pressed for a “com­mon sense amendment” requiring that, “if you lose your gun or if it is stolen, from the moment you realize it, you have to report it.” That amendment was defeated. Levdansky blamed “a Republican leadership that is so wedded to the National Rifle Association.” The NRA sent out a question­naire both Levdansky and Douglas received. Levdansky said he didn’t return it.“At this point in my life I don’t answer anyone’s questionnaires,” Levdansky said. “The NRA did not have a question on theirs about the lost-and-stolen amendment.” “I haven’t heard directly from the NRA,” Douglas said, “but I would be very happy to have their endorse­ment.” Levdansky questioned why Douglas didn’t file in the first place. A Levdansky supporter’s challenge in Commonwealth Court took GOP hopeful Vinton Wright of Jefferson Hills off the ballot.“I’ve met her on a couple of occa­sions,” Wright said. “She seems pretty straightforward, pretty savvy.” Levdansky suggested that Douglas may have been encouraged by for­mer Jefferson Hills Mayor Mary Larcinese, now a staffer with the House Republican Caucus.“Monica had contacted me over some phone calls she had received after she was on Marty Griffin’s show,” Larcinese said. “My comment was, ‘Hey, go for it, I’ll help you in any way.’” Staff Writer Eric Slagle contributed to this story.

Letter from Monica

In the last week or two, I have been contacted by a number of people regarding the 39th Legislative District. You may not be aware but the Republican we had running in that seat had his petitions challenged and he was thrown off the ballot. Residents from the district reached out to me when it appeared that Dave Levdansky was going to have a free ride to Harrisburg in the General Election. After much discussion with family and friends, and after much prayer, I have decided to mount a write-in campaign for the 39th State House seat. I will need at least 300 Republicans to write-in my name on Tuesday in order to proceed to the fall. Dave Levdansky is also attempting to get Republicans to write him in as well so this is going to be a challenge. The 39th District includes the Allegheny County municipalities of: Elizabeth Borough, Forward Township, Jefferson Hills, Clairton, South Park, West Elizabeth and parts of Elizabeth Township. In Washington County, the municipalities include: New Eagle Borough, Finleyville Borough, Union Township, Nottingham Township and wards 1 and 2 of Carroll Township. If you know of anyone living in these municipalities, please reach out to them and encourage them to write me in for the position of "Representative in the General Assembly". While this write-in effort is aimed at Republicans, you can encourage your democratic friends to write-me in as well as a protest against Dave Levdansky.I believe with a grassroots push in the next few days we will be successful in this effort. If you would like to join me as I go door-to-door this weekend, or help me at the polls on Primary Election day please feel free to contact me via this email, or on my cell phone at 412-551-4891.Thank You!Regards,Monica Douglas